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Looking for something to do? Check out our activities at Archery Circuit as there is something to do for everyone. Enjoy Archery Tag, dodge ball or Nerf Battle sessions in our black light arena. Experience glow in the dark battles, one of the most fun activities in Toronto right now!

Black Light Archery Tag
Black Light Dodgeball
Nerf Battles
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Archery Tag Activities – Fun filled foam archery experience with all equipment provided. We have different varieties of bows, arm guards and helmets. Everything you need to get your inner ‘Katniss’ going as you strive to be the last warrior standing on the battle field. Come with friends and family to unleash your true feelings about them and make it a memorable event for all. Just kidding 🙂

Nerf Battle Activities – We have the biggest and baddest arsenal of Nerf blasters in Toronto. Enjoy many game play and activities with all of the newest Nerf products available. We are continuously looking to improve our Nerf program in Toronto and we are looking to empower all our enthusiasts with everything they need to take out their Nerf enemies.

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