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Archery Tag in Toronto

Archery Circuit is a Toronto-based company located in Scarborough and an officially licensed Archery Tag® Operator. We offer a fun and new way to experience archery tag with our one-of-a-kind black light arena, providing glow-in- the-dark combat archery that you can’t get anywhere else!


Archery Tag® is an innovative sport that combines the primal exhilaration of firing a bow and arrow with modern standards of safety and entertainment. We use special foam-tipped arrows, ensuring painless contact no matter who’s playing. Archery Tag® is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for kids, making this the perfect active game for everyone! Customer satisfaction is our priority. We aim to provide a unique experience within the great Toronto area that is safe, fresh, and fun. Check out what our past customers had to say about Archery Circuit.

$15 Weekday Special on Blacklight Archery Tag

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Archery Circuit also hosts kids birthday parties, Nerf battles, Dodge ball, mini sling bows variations, all of which are great option for your next children’s event. All of our activities are designed to be fun for all ages, taking place within our special black light arena you can’t find anywhere else. Experience archery tag like you never have before!

Black Light Archery Tag
Black Light Dodgeball
Nerf Battles

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